Our People

“In creating Privato, our promise to our family and friends was to ‘inspire memorable moments through a superb wine experience, and we are guided by these values every day.’

Whether it is the wine in the bottle, the people you share it with, or the time spent with us at the winery, we truly hope that Privato in some way will help to inspire your own memorable moments as much as it has for us.”


John and Debbie Woodward
Proprietors Privato Winery

John Woodward

Proprietor John Woodward began his career in the forest industry after graduating from UBC with a degree in science. It was in the late 1980s when John left the forest industry and began farming primarily in the landscape tree industry for more than 25 years. John’s seasoned attention to detail naturally progressed to viticulture practices and wine making.

“Farming requires a lot of patience. Our trees needed 10 to 12 years to bring them to maturity. Accordingly, the transition to crafting a fine wine over a multi-year period has not been a hardship. I realize now that cultivating this patience over several years has been instrumental in preparing me to employ the necessary ingredients to artfully create premium burgundy wines.”

Debbie Woodward

Proprietor Debbie Woodward, a Certified General Accountant for over 25 years, has redirected her business proficiency toward their winery operations. But she is also often found helping out with the annual crush along with everyone else. She knows that accountants are regularly asked to “stay out of the winery” but Deb stands alongside John with enthusiasm and is a welcome critic. Among the myriad of details associated with running a winery business, Deb also handles all marketing of the wine.