The Woodward Christmas Tree Farm has been a part of many people’s Christmas Traditions for over 20 years.  You are welcome to come to the farm during our hours of operation to select your own fresh Christmas tree 7 days per week.  Each weekend, we welcome you to our little piece of heaven.  We have hay wagon rides that take you to and from the Christmas tree patch as well as a bon fire, a concession stand where we are famous for our “smokies” and of course wine tastings at Privato Vineyard and Winery. Weekends are a great time to come especially if you have kids.  During the week, its a different experience. You are welcome to drive out to the patch and then go for a walk to scour the 20 acres of trees.  Bring your furry friends for a romp through the fields and enjoy the peace and quiet of the winter wonderland.  We also have pre-cut trees if you prefer to quickly grab and go!


Christmas Season: November 24th to December 21st.
Hours: 10am to 4pm daily.


We have several varieties of Christmas Trees to choose from.  Here at the Christmas Tree Patch prices are a flat price per tree varietal, so whether the tree is 3 feet high or 10 feet high, the price is the same.  This year we will be adding Pre-cut trees to our operation this year and they are all pre-priced.  

We have saws for everyone, so no need to bring your own.

Dogs are definitely allowed as long as you have them on a leash.

We also have a Christmas Gift Shop and a Wine Shop for all your shopping needs.


Choose and Cut Trees

Scotch Pine Trees     $49.52    
Douglas Fir Trees     $49.52
Blue Spruce Trees     $66.66
Green Spruce Trees   $66.66
Con Color Fir Trees   $66.66

Pre Cut Trees  $23.80 to $66.66
GST will be applied to these prices!
We accept cash only at the pay station.  We can take debit but only in the winery.  Therefore it requires that you go first to the Christmas tree cashier and then take a receipt to the winery for payment with debit!  A little extra running around for you in order to pay debit, but it is doable.  Cash is the most convenient for you.


Unfortunately we are no longer providing Christmas Trees to other retailers.  You are now only able to purchase our trees at our farm.  We used to have tree lots at the two Safeway stores in Kamloops but we will no longer be providing trees there.  John and I are scaling back a bit.  However, we WILL have pre cut trees for your convenience at the farm.  So if you are in a hurry or just prefer not to cut your own we will have pre-cuts for your convenience.  They will be priced from $23.80 to $66.66 per tree.  

More Info: Click Here: Woodward Christmas Trees on Facebook